Playing Hide and Seek by farmreporter

Playing Hide and Seek

Chipmunks have got to be the most frustrating creatures to photograph. They blithely go about their business of gathering nuts and such, ignoring you, until they notice that you have stopped to take their picture and then they take off to the nearest tree to hide.
So hard to get a good shot when they have figured out how to keep tree trunks and branches between them and the camera.
November 20th, 2016  
She is just peeping out, , you won't get that nut she says!
November 20th, 2016  
Aww, you got a great shot of it though Wendy.
November 20th, 2016  
This shot must have required much patience! Cute!
November 22nd, 2016  
Great timing....he's getting stocked up!
November 28th, 2016  
Super catch!
December 5th, 2016  
Little buggers! So darned cute!!!
December 6th, 2016  
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