The Spirit of Ecstasy by farmreporter

The Spirit of Ecstasy

The Spirit of Ecstasy is the hood (bonnet for those of you so inclined) ornament sculpture on Rolls-Royce cars. It is in the form of a woman leaning forwards with her arms outstretched behind and above her. Billowing cloth runs from her arms to her back, resembling wings.
I cannot believe that I was able to find an actual Rolls-Royce in my hometown of Alexandria!
For the current minimalism challenge of car detail.
Wikipedia has great history on this famous ornament:,_precursor_to_the_Spirit_of_Ecstasy
Ooh, very cool! Crop this tighter and it could be in the minimalism challenge, too.
October 17th, 2021  
I did enter it in the challenge but will take your advise and crop it tighter first thing in the morning.
It is late here now ...
You answered the question I had running through my mind as to whether the roof top and bit of tree was taking away from the minimal aspect. Will also clone out the building on the left in the morning.
October 17th, 2021  
is that a water droplet on the ornament? and was it raining or are those cobwebs? there's too many distractions on the ornament to make this minimal and i agree with ellen to have it cropped. otherwise, aces!
October 17th, 2021  
Yes - that is a water droplet on the ornament but it fell at a most perfect spot to increase her cup size, LOL!
And, I did take Ellen's advise and cropped it and entered it in the challenge.
You have a great eye for details. It was raining but those are cobwebs as well.
October 17th, 2021  
Quite a classy decoration.
October 17th, 2021  
Great find and capture
October 19th, 2021  
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