Gestures...Gestures and More Gestures

NOTE: Don't be alarmed by my gestures...I'm sure everyone has seen them for real and nobody was harmed in capturing these images!

There are many gestures so everyone should be able to get creative and post a selfie with some "body language"! This week's 5+2 theme is "Gestures". Go here for details:

Go here to view other entries for this theme:

Shew so glad no one was harmed. Well thanks for doing all the gestures in one video, Mike;-). I like how you transitioned between photos. Well done for gesture week! I'm giving you a thumbs up:)!
April 22nd, 2014  
well dang that's cool!
April 22nd, 2014  
This was a lot of work...well conceptualized and executed!
April 22nd, 2014  
woah!!! :)
April 22nd, 2014  
April 22nd, 2014  
Very creative.
April 22nd, 2014  
Omg this was so awesome!!!! And what a song choice, love!!!!!!
April 22nd, 2014  
That's amazing! I thought if I could "possibly" pick a gesture, "The Look" (as you used for the close) was an oft used one when my girls were young and they knew I meant what I said... (to this day, or so they remind me!)
April 24th, 2014  
That's awesome. Well done! And my, don't you know a lot of gestures. I'm always interested in the way people flip you off. Some opt for fist with finger out, others do as you do with a curl to the fingers and some curl their wrist. Ever noticed?
April 25th, 2014  
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