When the Plants are Huge by fiveplustwo

When the Plants are Huge

and the animals are small.

Photographer: @kuva
Selfie Theme: Alternate Universe

Join us with your own interpretation of the theme and tag fiveplustwo-alternateuniverse! https://365project.org/discuss/themes-competitions/45047/5+2-for-the-love-of-selfies-alternate-universe
i loooked for you for a while before i found your little self!
May 15th, 2021  
@kali66 The plants are HUGE! Haha. :)
May 15th, 2021  
Honey they shrunk Megan!
May 15th, 2021  
Took ages to find you!!! So well camouflaged to hide from slugs!!
May 15th, 2021  
Hahaha. Look for Alice’s cookie! @kuva
May 16th, 2021  
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