survival is my victory by graemestevens

survival is my victory

Sea of Hurt
I feel the waves of pain
And now the tides
Coming in again
I'm caught in a vicious cycle of despair
Give me the courage to face another day

Oh, sing a song of joy
Sweet childhood
Never desert me
Time for celebration

Overcome with a sense of elation
I'll never let you get to me
Survival is my victory
(Killing Joke, You'll Never Get to Me)
I love this
October 11th, 2020  
all the interesting details
October 11th, 2020  
You look.... intense!
October 11th, 2020  
October 11th, 2020  
Oh my, cool!
October 11th, 2020  
Very intense look 👀!
October 11th, 2020  
October 11th, 2020  
Maybe you need to stay away from the ocean!
October 11th, 2020  
A fabulous portrait. Wonderful atmosphere and mood.
October 11th, 2020  
Really dramatic feel to this -- intensity of the stare especially.
October 11th, 2020  
wow that's striking!
October 11th, 2020  
Interesting in every respect.
October 11th, 2020  
what a contract, the dark side in the face made me look into it.
October 11th, 2020  
Certainly very intense. Don't mess with me attitude. Really nice on black.
October 11th, 2020  
Whoa, I'm backing away now...
October 11th, 2020  
Wow, those sleeves are awesome now they're finished.
October 11th, 2020  
Brilliant lighting
October 11th, 2020  
October 11th, 2020  
Just wonderful on black. You the man!!
October 12th, 2020  
Riveting stare and those tattoos...
October 12th, 2020  
@redy4et It's the only stare that I have... ;)
@365karly1 Thank you kindly :)
@pistache There's not a tent in sight.... ;)
@fbailey Thanks very much :)
@vignouse Thank you - still a little bit to do but we're nearly there!
@aikiuser Thousands do...I have so few friends ;)
@salza Thank you very much :)
@yaorenliu Thanks very much :)
@jamibann Thank you kindly :)
@koalagardens Thanks very much :)
@taffy Thank you kindly, always appreciated :)
@carolinesdreams Thank you kindly ;)
@jgpittenger You could be on to something there...
@kjarn Indeed :)
@radiogirl I should stop frowning...
@photographycrazy Thanks very much :)
@spanner Thank you sir :)
@northy I was constipated... ;))
@annied Don't look too closely...
@wrightangle Thank you very much :)
October 12th, 2020  
looks like you're getting ready for the Mike Tyson and Roy Jones fight!
October 14th, 2020  
The cards are now revealed. I like the shaded side of the face. This is an unknown.
October 15th, 2020  
Interesting for a nut bar!
October 21st, 2020  
Hey, Graeme! Will you go with me when I ask for a raise? You don't need to say anything - just stand there like that. :) Glorious tats, btw! ;)
October 23rd, 2020  
October 31st, 2020  
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