Lincoln Cathedral by harveyzone

Lincoln Cathedral

We have been up to Lincolnshire many times to visit relatives in Grimsby, but realised this time that we have never actually been to Lincoln itself. On the way home we stopped off for a brief explore.

This is the inside of Lincoln cathedral when the sun had come around to throw light though the windows straight across the centre of the building. It is a vast space, and has no pews or seating in this area. Taken with a fisheye lens.

We got home this evening after a 150 mile drive to find our house had been broken into whilst we were away. Oh joy! Not to bad, as little was taken, and damage was fairly minimal.
Just stunning - I love the detail of the small child and adult front left
February 22nd, 2013  
Very nice - are these relatives related to us?
February 22nd, 2013  
what an incredible photo of the ceiling - a fav
February 22nd, 2013  
@mariadarby no, not my direct relatives either. It is Jan's 2nd cousin, his patents, wife and children (2nd cousins once removed and 3rd cousins once removed, or something).
February 23rd, 2013  
@ruthhowell @annemary Thank you. fisheye lenses see things differently! :-)
February 23rd, 2013  
Incredible pic - stunning with that colour.
February 24th, 2013  
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