Oh, Hi There! by helenmoss

Oh, Hi There!

My shopping list today included:
One sack of Chudleys Classic (working dog formula)
I pair knee protectors (large)
I bottle cough medicine
1 tub wax worms

None of the above were for me. They were for Storm and Maia, Will (nothing wrong with his knees except a nasty scar following a collision with the scout hut skirting board a couple of years ago, but he likes to wear the knee pads when he's in goal), Ed (woke up with a very annoying cough) and Frankie, respectively.
Frankie is Ed's bearded dragon lizard, and he (Frankie, not Ed) likes nothing better than to snack upon a fresh wax worm (he's also very partial to basil).
As the keen herpetologists among you will have noticed, this little chap is not Frankie. This is not a bearded dragon. He was, however, waving to me from his tank in the reptile shop where I called in for the wax worms. He seemed to be saying "oh, hi there!" and posing so I could take a picture of his best side. I'm not sure what kind of lizard he is as the label had come off his tank. The tank below bore the intriguing label "Legless Lizard". I couldn't see anyone in there though, so can only guess the occupant was hiding under a stone sleeping off the effects of a heavy night!
Three good things
1. Making chilli con carne with my not-so-secret ingredient - a cup of strong black coffee
2. Reading John Bradshaw's In Defence of Dogs. It's research for my new writing project, but is also making me see Storm and Maia in a new light. Highly recommended for all dog-owners!
3. Waking up to sunshine this morning.
o hI !! that is one mixed shopping bag!!
February 2nd, 2013  
Your shopping list is so different from mine for our trip to Tesco , we did take the scenic view home so I could take a photograph of the castle as you can see we had sunshine and the sky was blue ,but a very cold wind I like your picture of this guy btw
February 2nd, 2013  
Animals always rise to the occasion when you need a photo for the day! ...and BTW...the chili sounds *awesome*!
February 2nd, 2013  
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