The birthday girl! by homeschoolmom

The birthday girl!

About 20 of us gathered to celebrate this lovely lady, who lived a very active life before being diagnosed with a brain tumor this spring. She's been hospitalized since February, but her family was allowed to take her out of the rehab center for a birthday dinner. And we were all waiting for her. She's only 61 and the doctors say she probably will not see 62. It happened so fast. One day she was completely fine, the next she was having trouble filling out some paperwork for her husband and drove herself to the hospital. They thought she had a stroke at first. But when she kept getting worse, they took her to Duke Hospital where they found the tumor on her brain stem. It's so hard to see her like this.
This is Sue (in brown pants) last June:
Such a sad story. Good she was able to go out for the day
August 9th, 2021  
How wondereful she got toe spend the day being special with family and friends! Terrific photo of her!
August 9th, 2021  
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