Jackie R by joemuli

Jackie R

***sorry,I screenshot your photo,hope you don’t mind.
and THANKS for the shout out..Here’s how I achieved the blurry effect on your photo..Since I’m only using an iPad ( I’ve no pc at the moment😢- I edit mostly on Snapseed app..
1)I screenshot your photo.
2)increased the brightness of the photo until i get the desired effect i want..
3)I add “ blur effect”..there are two styles of blur here: one circular and linear.. I used the linear..
- play the “ blur” around which subject you want to de-focus..in your photo,I blured the sand/grass ,I find it too much textures..
4)now,your choice to convert the image in black and white..sorry,I’m not good when it comes to technical instructions..anyways, sharing you a YouTube video about this editing Snapseed app..and here’s the link


And there’s more instructions vide besides this…Hope this will help..
Again,just pump up the brightness,(not too bright though) then,use blur …… just play around with it..enjoy👌👍❤️
P.s. just did my own version..😍
I feel guilty,I ruined your cool picture, Jackie,pls.don’t sue me💕
This wonderfully edited image tells a summer story. Well done!
August 11th, 2022  
Love it
August 11th, 2022  
Joe, you are awesome! Can I hire you 👌🏼🤗
August 11th, 2022  
Very artistic edit! I am without a computer currently. I do have an iPad but have never used it to edit photos. All my pics this year have been cell phone pics. 😬
August 11th, 2022  
Thanks Joe!!I use Snapseed for phone shots and affinity for camera. I need to investigate blurring on affinity!!

Brilliant technical instructions btw
August 11th, 2022  
Also chuffed you thought photo worthy if your edit. Have just put it through Snapseed, so much easier than affinity check this out


and don't feel guilty (and it's far too warm to sue you!!!!)
August 11th, 2022  
Oh Joe I have often wondered how you get such dreamy photos. I love this tutorial and want to give it a try sometime thanks bunches for sharing❣️
August 11th, 2022  
love snapseed and thank you so much for sharing your secret!
August 11th, 2022  
A beautiful soft focus editing on this nice capture
August 11th, 2022  
Wonderful edits, thank you for the youtube link, very helpful
August 11th, 2022  
Cool edit and thanks for sharing your steps!
August 11th, 2022  
Great editing, thanks for sharing!
August 12th, 2022  
A marvelous lesson, were you a teacher in a former life?! 😊 Such a great image too.
August 12th, 2022  
I wonder how many Joe's style photos are coming out of this. Thank you for sharing it.
August 12th, 2022  
@louannwarren - Oh No ! maybe In my previous life… teaching the Macarena dance to the psychiatric patients,hA!🤣🤣🤣💃🏼🕺🏽
August 12th, 2022  
Thanks for sharing. Lovely editing.
August 12th, 2022  
Saved to look at these tips in more detail.
August 13th, 2022  
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