Gratitude along the way

One of the many travelers that pass thru on their way to parts unknown. He has the "Thank You" on his trailer to show his appreciation for sharing the road with him. This is for the Dogwood 52 week challenge, Week 34 "tell the story of a stranger. Try using their environment to really inform the viewer of their story.
A much more polite notice than I used to wear - it said 'WE ARE THE TRAFFIC'!
posted August 26th, 2017  
Cool shot
posted August 26th, 2017  
@yrhenwr Yours had a certain panache for sure. I just am wary of those who feel they own the road regarding of their vehicle type and or size.

@jclaireyp Thank you, I was a passenger so I could take the shot without worries.
posted August 26th, 2017  
@joysabin On the oceans power gives way to sail... I think we should adopt a similar convention on land.. power gives way to push bike.. push bike gives way to foot traffic
posted August 27th, 2017  
@yrhenwr Good idea but there are two many huge pick up trucks around town and they yield to no one.
posted August 31st, 2017  
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