Thinking why not by joysabin

Thinking why not

I could sneak just a just a sip, she'd never miss a bubble.
very cool curly wurly
December 18th, 2019  
@graemestevens That's the problem with shooting while imbibing.
December 18th, 2019  
And the look in his eye.... so well captured.
And what a cool glass
December 18th, 2019  
Cool shot. Love it.
December 18th, 2019  
Love this. Love the blur. That’s such a pretty glass!
December 18th, 2019  
nice DOF
December 18th, 2019  
Fun shot- it's so amusing when we find these "little toys" have just the right expression for a picture!
December 18th, 2019  
How cool - the little guy, the glass! and the tiny bubbles. All so nicely put together!
December 18th, 2019  
Wonderful matching colors.
December 19th, 2019  
@kiwinanna Thank you so much. Poor little one, no bubbly for him.

@haskar You are so very kind, I truly am grateful for the fav.

@jernst1779 The best stuff is usually in thrift stores. So very thankful for the fav.

@pdulis Thank you so much, I was trying to get the bubbles to take a starring role but they were shy :):)

@olivetreeann Thank you so much, now I have a good reason to search out toys - cheap models and no contracts needed. :):)

@robz Thank you so much for the fav. I often find myself going down clearance isles for strange things or maybe I should say treasures. :):)

@francoise Thank you so very kindly, grateful for the fav.
December 21st, 2019  
wow! very pretty glass
great title and narrative
December 21st, 2019  
@ninaganci Thank you so kindly, some times being silly is the only way to go.
December 27th, 2019  
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