A crime scene by joysabin

A crime scene

Wasn't paying attention and lost critical hot chocolate 🥴. My only touch of 'the Green's was the mint extract I added. My first phone upload too.....
Been there done that. It made a good photo though
March 17th, 2020  
oops - it tells a tale :)
March 17th, 2020  
Been there too! But you make a good case for the microwave as an interesting subject!
March 17th, 2020  
Ooops- well, just pull that glass plate out of there and lick it after it's cooled down!
March 17th, 2020  
Oh no! A small chocolate volcano.
March 17th, 2020  
Oh no! But that title made me laugh!!
March 18th, 2020  
So real Love the mess
March 18th, 2020  
Been there, done that...
Hope you followed Ann's advice!
March 18th, 2020  
At least it didn’t all boil over...:)
March 18th, 2020  
Oops! Hope it was delish
March 18th, 2020  
Mmmmm, hot chocolate. Good idea!
March 18th, 2020  
Looks tasty.
March 18th, 2020  
Oh dear, the worst of it is the loss of the chocolate!!!
March 19th, 2020  
@angelunderwater Chocolate is terrible thing to waste....

@pdulis I can remember making hot coco on the stove, I suppose that dates me...

@dustyloup It is such an integral part of daily life, unpredictable but important too.

@olivetreeann Oh, I really like your response. My husband may commit me if I did, though...

@gardencat I agree, it erupted without warning, no rumble, no nothing but just the aftermath.... still had enough to work with...

@mzzhope We take chocolate very seriously in this house.

@bubblequeen Some messes are acceptable, other's not so much.

@s4sayer Please don't rat me out, I did....

@redy4et Much less to clean up than if I were to have used the stove.

@ninaganci I make hot coco that is very rich but I'm worth it.... as we all are...

@jernst1779 Adding the mint extract is almost as good as adding cinnamon...

@la_photographic Was and need more...

@taffy I hope that I'm not reported to the hot coco police...
March 19th, 2020  
That made me laugh out loud ... I do agree when it comes to chocolate
March 24th, 2020  
@runner365 Hot chocolate and with any type of chocolate must be respected and appreciated. Microwaves just don't do hot chocolate justice.
March 28th, 2020  
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