Two years old and all we can do is talk about that haircut by jtsanto

Two years old and all we can do is talk about that haircut

Two? Two?!?! This guy isn’t two! Who is this kid? I left with a baby in the morning and returned in the afternoon to a high-powered accountant with a penchant for bright sleeves and warm milk. The story behind this haircut is the stuff of PTSD for both mother and son - I wish I was entirely kidding, but I am not - and we’re all now dreading the next time he has to get a trim. Thankfully, his hair is now short enough that it’ll be a while before it’s necessary to see a barber again. So here is Diego, a two-year old today with a sharp new look that was sharply fought against. As his birthday is several days long this year - beginning on a Thursday and lasting pretty much through Easter Sunday, expect much rumination about this milestone age. But first? Yeah, this haircut needed its own space.
my grandson is just 2 months younger and just had his second haircut, you probably saw the photo, they look so much older afterwards
April 22nd, 2019  
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