Two by jtsanto


You are the miracle I never saw coming, the plot twist that arrived when the pages of my life’s script were upended in the swift breezes of uncertainty. I knew I loved your mom, but that was about all I knew. Everything else seemed up for grabs, my goals and vision beyond the next hour, the next day, under constant, sometimes fretting revision. Yet two years ago, everything came into focus when I met you, the ink on the pages drying. I still have no idea where I am going or who I will be, but I know that I was meant to love you, meant to, along with your mom and your brother, be part of a family that I never knew I was man enough to be part of. You show me possibility and astound me with potential. Your bouncy, frenetic energy and sweet, silly heart take me to places I never knew I could go. You have taught me patience and kindness because I want to demonstrate these things for you and your brother. You have reminded me how to let go of little things because they don’t matter as much as your smile, your comfort, your every breath, giggle, cry. You’re two and you’re the one writing my life story, leading me to my best days as a person I did not know I could be, but a person I am so happy to be. I am not a part-time father. I am not scared of being alone with you. I can weather your worst moods and celebrate your best. And when your tempest rises - as it can, just like it does within your mother and I - I can quiet my own and be the rock for you to hold onto. We are love, son. And I am forever thankful for the infinite depths of wonder and unpredictability you add to my every day. Now let’s get some chocolate from pantry and sing “shoo-boo ba-ba” a few thousand more times. And after? We can look through the windows of a dollhouse and maybe catch a view of “tickle-cider” crawling your way. Whatever it is we do, I know I’ll be happy with you, in the moment, unsure of what’s next but knowing it’s exactly what I need because I have you beside me. I love you, Bobo. Happy birthday.
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