Confined to Barracks by lifeat60degrees

Confined to Barracks

Ian Rankin is easily my favourite author and is now the only one whose books I buy in hard copies. Non-fiction have to be hard copies however.
Not an author that I know. I'll have to investigate.
October 7th, 2021  
I do audiobooks when out on photo rides or driving to and from work.
October 7th, 2021  
I’m a fan too
October 7th, 2021  
Great lineup!
October 7th, 2021  
I've read quite a few of those.
October 8th, 2021  
I love the Rebus series from Ian Rankin. It created an interest for Edinburgh, and I have visited that great city a few times.
October 9th, 2021  
Keeping your reading Scottish!
October 19th, 2021  
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