Two lovely ladies under the old, old moon by mcsiegle

Two lovely ladies under the old, old moon

My get pushed partner asked me to do a fantasy edit with a moon. As is so typical, I've waited until Sunday to do the challenge. I settled for a quick shot with the iPhone instead of getting out the camera, and as a result this shot of the two new Neanderthal ladies who recently arrived is not as good as it might be, or as they deserve. In fairness to the iPhone 6, the shot was clearer before I took it into the Ribbet app to add the moon, and then into Picmonkey to add the other layers.

Those of you who've seen my project over time know that for many years we have had a group of dinosaurs and one Neanderthal Man living with us. They've been with Frank since his childhood (he just turned 80). They're not toys, but replicas that were sold in museums.

A few years ago I happened to see a Neanderthal Woman on eBay. I had been feeling a bit sorry for the Neanderthal Man, who had been looking a bit lonely among all the dinosaurs. She was not expensive, but I was feeling at that time that I ought not to be spending money on a whim. After a few days though, I went back to eBay hoping to find her still for sale. Alas, she had been snapped up by someone else, who was selling (or had already sold) her for a lot more money. I was bummed. After another week or so, I went back on eBay and spent a bit more than it would have cost to buy the woman, buying another Neanderthal Man, who we call New Neanderthal Man (NNM) to be a friend and companion to Neanderthal Man. It was the absolute right thing to do. The two men complement each other splendidly and have formed a strong, deep bond. Every once in a while, I'd think of that woman, but knew it was probably better not to have her, as she might spark a rivalry between the two men for her attentions.

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself idly searching eBay and discovered, to my amazement, that two different vendors had Neanderthal women for sale. They both were priced more than I ought to be spending on "non-essentials" (especially times two!) but nothing that would bankrupt us. So after a few days when I found that the price on one of the women had been lowered a bit, I took the plunge and bought both of them. The woman on the left (our left, not theirs) arrived first, and is called simply "Neanderthal Woman." The one on the right we are calling "Lady Neanderthal."

I was really pleased that they were willing -- even eager -- to pose for me this afternoon. They will fit into the dino/Neanderthal gang splendidly, as all are keen to have photo shoots.

I wrote even more than this, about fifteen minutes ago but lost it all when I tried to post it. Aaaaaargh! I must have hit "cancel" instead of "save this photo." You benefit from the slightly shortened version (Frank is waiting, as usual, to start "Movie Night")

To wind up this still-too-long commentary, I just want to observe that the moon the Neanderthal Women are standing under is the same old moon today as the one I photographed and posted several years ago, and the same moon in the 40's when the dinos and Neanderthal Man were bought by Frank and his folks. AND the same moon that appeared in the sky 100,000 years ago when real Neanderthals lived, and millions of years ago when real dinosaurs roamed the earth. How many people and creatures have looked up at the sky in wonder, to see that moon shining down -- growing to full moon, then diminishing to new moon, then growing again?
Very interesting story and I love your fantasy colors and glow.
June 22nd, 2020  
@homeschoolmom here’s a moon. Is it fantasy enough for you?
June 22nd, 2020  
How thoughtful of you to provide some thing for the men, How clever of you to create such a fascinating photo in the process!
June 22nd, 2020  
Well done
June 22nd, 2020  
Hi Mary, I'm your get pushed partner for this week. Love the Neanderthal ladies. For your challenge, how about using them ( and/or) their dinosaur companions as subjects for images which have movement? Could be in-camera, using camera-drop, lens burst etc - or using post-editing. Does that sound ok?
June 22nd, 2020  
Vool shot
June 23rd, 2020  
@valpetersen sounds like a good challenge.
June 23rd, 2020  
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