Babbling Brook by pcoulson

Babbling Brook

Came across this brook today and it reminded me of the Poem by Christopher Tye

By the babbling brook I rest myself,
Watching damsel-flies hovering above the water,
Fish darting around for food and shelter,
Birds on the wing looking for their food,
Water boatmen swimming around without a care in the world,
The gentle breeze dropping petals into the water,
The banks covered in lush green grass,
The bull rushes and water lilies slowly spreading,
A little twig floating by towards the bridge,
The merry song of nature and water in harmony,
The afternoon sun glinting of the water,
Why would I want to be anywhere else but here,
By the babbling brook is the place to be.

Evocative shot and poem. Wish I could hear the babbling!
March 2nd, 2017  
Very nice image Peter. I can hear the babbling brook with the help of the poem!
March 2nd, 2017  
@suesouthwood Thank you so much Sue it was a cold but dry afternoon so got out and about and found this lovely spot:)
March 2nd, 2017  
@quietpurplehaze Thank you for your lovely comments and Fav. Hazel the water was rushing over the stones quickly and could be heard quite well:)
March 2nd, 2017  
That's a great shot Peter - and a great little poem read. And for some reason I have to go to the bathroom!
March 3rd, 2017  
Great light and PoV.. love this.. your water looks like water, bubbling and gurgling along, splashing over the weir.. a great find and a wonderful depiction..
the poem is a meditation in action.. thanks for posting..
March 3rd, 2017  
@stray_shooter Ha Ha thanks for your comments Ron as always they are appreciated:)
March 3rd, 2017  
@jorlam Thank you for your beautiful comments, I'm not a big fan of white milky water either Jorlam, I could have chosen The Brook - Poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson equally suitable for this image, see the link :)
March 3rd, 2017  
Nice composition
March 3rd, 2017  
@cmp Thank you so much for your comment Catherine:)
March 3rd, 2017  
There is something mesmerising about flowing water. And I just love the word "babbling"
March 6th, 2017  
@terryliv Your absolutely right about flowing water Terry I like the word babbling meaning:- (of a stream) make the continuous murmuring sound of water flowing over stones:)
March 6th, 2017  
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