Postcard Mural by princessicajessica

Postcard Mural

Just a mural we passed by in the town of Dundas (near Hamilton). I thought it was cool because it reminded me of a postcard. The things in the letters relate to the area, though I don't know the place well enough to know what all of them are about. The thing in the A is another mural on the side of a tall (apartment?) building. The N shows a waterfall, but there are a number of falls in the area and I'm not sure which one it's meant to be. The second D shows a clock tower on the post office. The first D seems to have an old car and a barbershop sign, but I don't know why. The U and the S both show cacti... the town hosts a "Cactus Festival" each summer (which doesn't overly relate to cacti as far as I can tell-- at least not these days-- though I am not very familiar with the festival, to be fair), and there is a local restaurant called The Thirsty Cactus. The internet tells me that Dundas is known as "the cactus capital of the universe," though I have never actually heard it called that! Cacti don't really grow around here much (we have one type on our endangered species list; I've never seen it or any others growing naturally in Ontario), but apparently at one time there was a large greenhouse located in Dundas and it specialised in cacti.

With this post I've officially caught up on sharing my photos for August (so far). Hopefully soon I will be able to check out a bit more of what everyone else has been posting!
What a great mural, and explanation of the imagery! I have a postcard collection, and would have loved to receive this in postcard form :)
August 30th, 2023  
Great find and capture. Beautiful artwork
September 14th, 2023  
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