Piano Forte by princessicajessica

Piano Forte

I saw that there was a weekly theme of "Abandoned" on one of the challenges, and even though I've never particiapated in that challenge before, I've been wanting to photograph a particular abandoned thing for some time, and this seemed like a good time for it!

This abandoned piano is located at a busy intersection near the highway and across from a *very* busy shopping area in Milton, a city at the western edge of the Greater Toronto Area. Countless people pass by it all the time, but it doesn't seem like many people notice it. It's in a fenced off vacant lot and there are a lot of big weeds that mostly block the view.

I showed this photo to my dad, who is in that area quite often, and he had no idea it was there! He asked how I knew about it and I said I've just seen it when we've driven past. I think because I am always the passenger I get the opportunity to look around more than most people do!
fascinating decay, i have an old unplayable piano in my hallway which i would like to put outside , perhaps it wouldnt be so bad !
October 22nd, 2023  
This is an amazing shot. I love the blurry weeds in the foreground, and the grey edges. Very impressive. It ticks me off when people disrespect instruments. However, as @kali66 shared. You make it seem not so bad!
October 22nd, 2023  
October 22nd, 2023  
Great find and capture
October 22nd, 2023  
October 22nd, 2023  
Kind of desolate looking but what a great photo!
October 23rd, 2023  
It's funny how people with cameras find things the majority don't see. Great capture
October 25th, 2023  
Great find! Love the image
October 30th, 2023  
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