Acorns by princessicajessica


I don't know why, but I've always had an affinity for acorns. When I was little, my older brother (who was a teenager at the time) spent a summer across the country in BC. I was sad about him being gone all summer and to cheer me up he said he'd bring me whatever I wanted as a souvenir... I asked for an acorn, lol. And he delivered!

None of these are my BC acorn-- I used to keep a little box of acorns, that I think contained the BC acorn as well, but at one point my mother got rid of them because she thought there were bugs in them, I think... I don't know, I was very little, I really just remember being upset about it!

These are just Ontario acorns. But we've seen a lot of them lately and I decided to make a little acorn still life.
Sweet story and photo. You may not have your BC acorn anymore, but your memory of your brother's kindness remains. My brother asked me what he wanted from a trip to Japan. I was an adult at the time. I asked him to deliver me a spiderman. He came back with a teeny tiny spiderman figure. I was so happy my big brother brought me it. You were much cheaper to shop for! Low maintenance sister. Haha!
October 22nd, 2023  
Nice shot
October 22nd, 2023  
Lovely to read - great capture
October 22nd, 2023  
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