Covid monotony by randystreat

Covid monotony

My get pushed partner challenged me to do something with the word monotonous. This came to mind after thinking about some other possibilities. Not an actual photograph but it was entirely done in Photoshop. Much extra time used in figuring out how to do it.
** this is not a self portrait and it was rare that I was bored during the period of isolation. I understand that many people did have increased anxiety and depressed, even suicidal feelings including one of my extended family. RIP Aem!
Kathy this is excellent. I am so sad for you for Aem,

May I please add a few of positives ................. International Pass the Pigs, enhanced contact with family-remotely, doing more exercise, increased skills, tidier garden!
July 31st, 2021  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Those are positives, but the photo was monotonous. I find things I like to do are not monotonous.
July 31st, 2021  
@stephen_haay. Hope this photoshop image captures the ideas of your challenge. It helped me learn more about using photoshop anyway.
July 31st, 2021  
@randystreat like the naps one the most!!!
July 31st, 2021  
A poignant capture of monotony.
July 31st, 2021  
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