Supper in front of the computer by randystreat

Supper in front of the computer

Today's prompt was "Photogaph Supper". I had to look at my photos to make sure at least one was ok before I could eat the delicious plate of leftovers my hostess and her "chef" sent me home with yesterday.
Great composition!! The plate of food looks delicious!
December 27th, 2018  
Looks tasty! Good shot.
December 27th, 2018  
Great capture! Looks tasty. We had leftover tonight too.
December 27th, 2018  
Clever presentation! And lucky you to have those leftovers for supper.
December 27th, 2018  
Good capture for your prompt!
December 27th, 2018  
Lovely capture
December 27th, 2018  
Why do leftovers taste better than the original dish?
December 27th, 2018  
Nice combination!
December 27th, 2018  
I never combine this together. Great shot never the less.
December 27th, 2018  
@thewatersphotos Gary, it was. the flavors of the leftovers had time to "bloom". And I was hungry.
@olivetreeann Thanks Ann. It was delicious. Wish I had more tonight @kwind Thanks Kim. It was so good. I usually always like leftovers, at least the first time around.
@craftymeg Thenk you Margaret
@ziggy77 Thanks Jo.
@mcsiegle Thank you Mary. I was very lucky, since all I brought to the table (so to speak) was dessert. Nice to bring home "real" food.
@s4sayer The flavors have time to "bloom". I tasted celery seed in the green bean casserole last night that I didn't notice at all the first time around. (I love celery seed)
@hajeka Thank you Henk-Jan
@pyrrhula Thank you Ferry. It's really not good to eat in front of the computer, but...
December 28th, 2018  
I hope you watched a good film online rather than worked!!
December 29th, 2018  
@will_wooderson Nah, working in Lightroom. Rather watch a movie on the TV. More comfortable seating. Thanks for commenting.
December 30th, 2018  
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