Evening at Forest Hill by randystreat

Evening at Forest Hill

My get-pushed partner's challenge was to take a photo during the golden hour of the day. The biggest challenge was getting a golden hour. The rains are still with us here in the foothills of North Carolina.

This is best seen on the black background. The way the sun lit up some of the tombstones was kind of interesting, I thought.
@theredcamera Elena, here is a shot for your challenge. I almost waited too late! Thank you for the challenge.
May 29th, 2020  
Not lucky with to combine your challenge with the weather but I like the atmosphere of this cemetery at almost- night ...
May 30th, 2020  
nice shot for your challenge. I thought you lived in Pennsylvania for some reason! Lol
May 30th, 2020  
Beautiful shot
May 30th, 2020  
Lovely on black.
May 30th, 2020  
Love the sunlight on the tombstones.
May 30th, 2020  
Nice light and skies
May 30th, 2020  
Very dark, but I like the evening sky!
May 30th, 2020  
Very pretty- yes the black background brings out the lighting really nicely. Good shot!
May 30th, 2020  
@cocobella That's the truth. I've had a couple of challenges that relied on weather lately. Thank you Corinne.
@jb030958 Thank you Jennie. I lived in Pennsylvania from the time I was 4 until I graduated from college. I've lived here in NC ever since. Actually the same town, but moved 4 times.
@bkbinthecity Thank you Brian
@jamibann Thank you very much Issi. I think the stones just glow on the black background.
@wakelys Thank you Susan. I thought it was pretty, too. @craftymeg Thank you Margaret.
@hajeka Thank you Henk-Jan. Sometimesmy photos show up darker on this site than they are on my computer at home. I'm not sure why.
@olivetreeann Thank you Ann.
May 30th, 2020  
@randystreat This is lovely and a great example of Golden Hour: rich lighting, moody sky and the highlights on the stones are really nice. So sorry you're not enjoying much sunshine, but I'm sure all your beautiful foliage is loving it!
May 31st, 2020  
Nice sky.
May 31st, 2020  
It conveys a great sense of calm...
May 31st, 2020  
@theredcamera Thank you Elena. The weather improved today. It was beautiful! But now I'll have to start watering the seeds i planted.
@thewatersphotos Thanks Gary.
@will_wooderson A brief bit of sun after a number of rainy days and before some more. Thank you Will.
June 1st, 2020  
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