Backyard weed by rhoing

Backyard weed

The Scotts guy says this is nutsedge (and requires a special product to eliminate). After looking up the specific possibilities, my conjecture is that it's Yellow nutsedge (“Cyperus strigosus”).

From _The Ortho Home Gardener's Problem Solver_ (pp. 42–43): “Other names for nutsedge are nutgrass, cocosedge, and cocograss. The most common nutsedge forms are yellow or purple. There are annual varieties as well as perennial. … In summer, nutsedge grows more rapidly than lawn grass, is easily seen, and disfigures lawns. It can be extremely difficult to eliminate, because it multiplies from tubers, seeds, and underground stems. The tuber stores nutrients. If any tuber is left in the ground after the rest of the plant is removed, nutsedge can regrow. This weed prefers overly watered soil. Control includes changing lawn-watering techniques or increasing soil drainage. To treat nutsedge chemically, use a spray containing MCPP…”

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Cut it down!! Great shot! Nice focus.
September 20th, 2015  
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