Learning through Play by sarah19

Learning through Play

I love this photo. Yesterday I was playing with some children and we decided to tidy up as we finished. We sorted the large items and then put smaller ones in some of the sections.
Today different children were playing with the same toys and part of their independent playing included sorting and organising!!! They called me over to see what they had done so I had to take a photo!!!
Three good things
1. Lots of photo opportunities in learning activities....learning for life!!!
2. A little book for Amy...she was finding it tricky to form y.... so we had fun
making a book with lots of words and pictures beginning with y and she was doing really well after a very short time. Hope her mum likes the book.
3. Housegroup friends were happy to come even though the weather was rather chilly. 😊
They have some great learning toys out there. Our little guy loves to put things together, and at 6 years old he is quite talented at it. Ideas like this are much better for them than sitting and staring at a phone or doing video games
November 26th, 2021  
Those kids are lucky to have such a great teacher!
November 26th, 2021  
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