Round and round the garden  by sarah19

Round and round the garden

Google photos created this collage on my phone 😊
It's an easy record of how things have grown in the two weeks we were away. Curiously it was warmer at home than London was though not exactly hot. Also quite a rainfall here some days, though nothing like there was in some parts.... Preston 😔. We were so fortunate to have sunshine when we were in the area.

Three good things
1. A lot of gardening early in the day, grass was very wet but good for digging etc.
2. Rain rain rain so rest and TV.
3. Dental appointment on Thursday... not long to wait... part of a tooth broke when my tongue was playing with it 😂
A gorgeous array of flowers.
August 1st, 2023  
Very nice collage
August 2nd, 2023  
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