Hibiscus by skipt07


I have taken many photos of the blossoms from my wife's hibiscus plant in the past. Last year I brought another plant into the house that was on our sunporch. The plant I brought in evidently had whiteflies and they infested the hibiscus. So I cut it way back and took the hibiscus outside and left it throughout the summer. I was hoping that I didn't cut it back too far beyond the grafts. It got a lot of new growth. When the weather started turning cold we brought it back into the house and this is the first blossom. I edited it to look like a painting.
Love your editing!
December 28th, 2020  
December 28th, 2020  
Very nice
December 28th, 2020  
Wow I needed this pop of yellow-so nice absolutely love the edit
December 28th, 2020  
So pretty! Love the processing.
December 28th, 2020  
This is very nice
December 28th, 2020  
Nice closeup.
December 28th, 2020  
December 28th, 2020  
Awesome edit.
December 28th, 2020  
Very nice editing.
December 28th, 2020  
Glad to see it is returning to it’s former glory despite the whiteflies and aggressive pruning.
December 28th, 2020  
very nice arty processing
December 29th, 2020  
@samae - I am glad I could help! 😊
December 30th, 2020  
lovely processing
January 1st, 2021  
Well done.
January 1st, 2021  
Nice edit Skip!
January 7th, 2021  
@skipt07 Just checking in on you. You doing okay over The Pond there? I know you do go quiet now and then on here, but in these covid days, I just like to check on my friends and see how they are doing. Sending my love from my corner of England to you and yours today x
January 14th, 2021  
@casablanca - That is very kind of you. Should I call you Cas? We all are doing well thank you for asking. So far we have been able to stay away from as many people as possible except from our youngest daughter and our youngest granddaughter.
I haven't taken my camera out for a good while.
The reason we are being so careful is that our youngest daughter is scheduled for hip surgery in February and we don't want the virus to keep that from happening.
I have taken some photos with my phone but I haven't taken the time to upload them. For a couple of reasons.

How are you and your family doing? I hope equally as well.

Thanks again for checking up on us! Sending my love from the colonies back across the pond to you. X
January 16th, 2021  
@skipt07 You can call me anything you like! Cas is shorter to write, so by all means!
Glad to hear you are well. Good plan to keep away from people for the sake of that surgery. My parents have been "shielding" since last March, unable to go out or mix or shop because of health issues, so I have been doing all their food shopping, organising medicines and even plants for their garden. Now awaiting a date for them to be offered a vaccine, which will at least help towards more normality for them, though I suspect "normal" is quite a way off yet.

So glad to hear from you and wishing you and all your family well. All the best to your daughter for that hip surgery, which I hope goes really well for her. Blessings on your and yours over there in the colonies! Heaps of love from Over the Pond xxxxx
January 16th, 2021  
@casablanca - I could call you, Eleanor after Eleanor Rigby, the Beatles song.
January 16th, 2021  
Just beautiful!
February 1st, 2021  
Such a beautiful edit for one of my favorite flowers
February 7th, 2021  
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