one of them is gone now by summerfield

one of them is gone now

yes, the bee or wasp which tried to sting me and it got swatted instead. i mean, why sting me when it had this delicious fruit to bite into? it wasn't even like it was crowded! the ground was rife with these little apples and the sidewalk was teeming of ants and these flying thingies.

no time for photos today as i had too much work and my computer was not cooperating -- the system was as slow as molasses and i've decided i hate that little round blue thing that keeps spinning round and round before the screen got to where i wanted to go. my officemates saw "the wave" painting when we had our zoom meeting this morning, and now there's pressure to produce another painting by our next meeting. on thursday! yeah, i wish! but i think i'll branch out to flowers. waterscape painting for me is soooo last weekend. 😂
Fabulous focus on those wasps. Looking forward to your next art work
October 21st, 2020  
Wonderful capture & I agree!
October 21st, 2020  
Great shot and lighting, good that you swatted one and did not get stung.
October 21st, 2020  
You are so funny...
Those look like wasps to me. Bees are more black and fader yellow.
As for your next painting, I'd recommend some intuitive painting. You may look up Suzanne Allard or Tracy Verdugo. That is a fun and loose way to 'get your creative juices flowing'. And some results are stunning.
October 21st, 2020  
Gotta wonder what goes on in their minds for sure! Good luck with your painting, I know you'll rock whatever you do!
October 21st, 2020  
Nice lighting and details! Have fun with the painting!
October 21st, 2020  
Great light illuminating these flying insects, whatever they are! I am with the others and looking forward to your next painting! I encourage you to keep with it because you will only improve.
October 21st, 2020  
I call these yellow jackets and I believe they are a type of wasp. I've been told if one is killed it lets out a scent that brings more of them to the scene. Perhaps the cooler temperatures are making them more sluggish in their response. But their sting hurts. Glad you avoided that consequence.
October 21st, 2020  
I love the colours of the apples and wasps. You might consider fruit for your next painting project!
October 22nd, 2020  
Poor bug but Great shot.
October 29th, 2020  
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