Orchid Flowering a Second Time

I bought this orchid plant at the beginning of January this year and posted a pecture then http://365project.org/susiemc/365/2017-01-04
It flowered for several weeks and then all the flowers finally dropped off. Recently it produced new flower buds and look at it now!! I'm amazed. I've never had orchids before.
Beautiful :)
posted July 17th, 2017  
A little beauty
posted July 17th, 2017  
Beautiful, lovely to have it flower twice...
posted July 18th, 2017  
Oh! Those are beautiful. Great image.
posted July 18th, 2017  
They are beautiful. I have a lovely purple one that my daughter gave to me for Mother's Day. I fear that it may have a long slow death. I'm yet to be able to keep this variety alive :(
posted July 18th, 2017  
posted July 18th, 2017  
Orchids are really good value and this is a lovely image Fav
posted July 18th, 2017  
@bigmxx @beryl @happysnaps Thank you ladies. I was really surprised when it started to produce buds again. I've never had orchids until recently but they seem to be very easy (or they thrive on neglect!)

@netkonnexion Thank you Damon. I couldn't find a good place indoors to take the picture and do the flowers justice so I took the pot outside and stood it on a bank with bushes behind.

@merrelyn Don't give up on it Merrelyn. I've never had orchids until recently so I don't anything about them except what friends have told me. They don't seem to need much attention at all. I think the key thing is to find the right spot in the house, with the right amount of light and possibly humidity. I've discovered that the kitchen windowsill is good in my house.

@bkbinthecity Thank you

@rosiekind Thank you Rosie. Yes they are good value. I often have to stop myself from buying them, well until we've moved house anyway :)
posted July 19th, 2017  
amazing. I have never tried to look after an orchid
posted July 19th, 2017  
Mine flowered for the second time within weeks of the first flowers, must be a good year! Love this image.
posted July 21st, 2017  
@cruiser I'm very new to orchids too Chris and I can only think they must be easy to look after.

@chimfa Perhaps you're right Jane. I have another one which is about to flower for the second time.
posted August 6th, 2017  
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