My New Rosebed  by susiemc

My New Rosebed

Most of my roses were in pots and I knew they couldn't stay in the pots forever. After I got the raised beds for the vegetables I had the idea of getting a raised bed for the roses. The topsoil in the garden is very shallow and not really suitable for roses which have quite deep roots. This raised bed is a delux version of the ones for the vegetables. I had seven roses (apart from two climbers) and decided I needed one more, four in each half. The new one arrived today and my wonderful husband planted it, it's the one just to the right of centre. The others are all growing well so I hope this one does the same. It's a white one called Silver Anniversary.
That will be very nice
November 13th, 2020  
great idea
November 13th, 2020  
Looking forward to seeing the results. Nice idea.
November 13th, 2020  
Great idea Sue...will look forward to seeing the result next year...will be a wonderful display!
November 13th, 2020  
The beds looks great! The roses will do well there.
November 13th, 2020  
Nice idea, this is what I have for my veggies. :)
November 14th, 2020  
Wonderful! Look forward to seeing the blooms!
November 15th, 2020  
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