The Rooks are Back  by susiemc

The Rooks are Back

These rooks are in a very tall tree in a field just the other side of our back fence.I’m standing in front of the house to take this picture. There’s a rookery about a quarter of a mile up the lane behind the house but it must be full because last spring some of them built nests in the trees behind our house for the first time. They must be starting a new rookery. They’re a bit noisy but I don’t mind that, they’re such intelligent birds and very comical. I love to watch them and listen to their chatter.
Maybe the housing prices in the other sub-division just got too high. :)
February 25th, 2022  
and more to come, I see......Great shot, looks like they are protecting their nest.
February 25th, 2022  
New Neighbours! hope to see more of them. Wonder if they will put your house prices up
February 25th, 2022  
Their nests are so obvious in the tall trees ….w3 get a good few in the garden as there are quite a few tall trees round us.
February 25th, 2022  
Looks like their having a discussion as to who is going to occupy the nest - beautiful blue sky!
February 25th, 2022  
A great shot of them all in the branches and against the blue sky! Fav!
February 26th, 2022  
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