Photos of a Stranger by swchappell

Photos of a Stranger

Every year in Mt. Holly, NJ, they have a Fire & Ice Festival. Ice sculptors and chili cookers come from all over to sculpt and cook. This is the first year I've gone, and by the time I got there lots were full, lines were super long, and the thing was packed to the gills with people. So I didn't get any chili, but I did see most of the ice sculptures, and some sculptures in progress. This sculptor was kind enough to stop and pose for me after his ice carving was complete.

Never fear - after we left, we went to a brewery where they were having a chili cook off, so I did get plenty of chili.
Clever to sculpt with ice.
January 29th, 2023  
Nice captures of your poser and his beautiful ice sculpture. It’s an amazing art. Glad you got your Chili
January 29th, 2023  
Nice story collage of this artisan
January 29th, 2023  
Such a fabulous collage and great story, so happy you got what you wanted in the end ;-)
January 29th, 2023  
This is a great collage, with a story!
January 29th, 2023  
Great collage! So clever these people.
January 29th, 2023  
clever artist
January 29th, 2023  
January 29th, 2023  
A fabulous collage
January 29th, 2023  
Great collage- they have an ice carving festival here too. The sculptors are such fun to watch and photograph. Glad you found a secondary source of chili!
January 29th, 2023  
@wakelys The sculptures are always amazing. Thank you!
@rensala Thank you!
@hjbenson Thank you!
@ludwigsdiana Thank you!
@corinnec Thank you!
@carole_sandford I agree, amazing artists. Thank you!
@nigelrogers Thank you!
@pdulis Thank you!
@Dawn Thank you!
@olivetreeann Thank you!

And thank you everyone for getting this up on the PP, much appreciated!
January 30th, 2023  
Great shots and collage.
January 31st, 2023  
Ice sculptors and chili cookers. What a great idea!!!
Nice photos too.
January 31st, 2023  
Great to see the process
February 1st, 2023  
@rickster549 Thank you!
@johnfalconer Thank you!
@jgpittenger Thank you!
February 1st, 2023  
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