It may be an unpopular opinion..... but......... by swillinbillyflynn

It may be an unpopular opinion..... but.........

Steeped in the blood of the subjugated nations of the British Empire. I sort of get where the artist was coming from. 😞
Certainly cause for lots of discussion and some varied opinions. Personally I think it is terrible….
May 17th, 2024  
I like it! It’s grown on me!
May 17th, 2024  
It’s a bit like an optical illusion. The more I look at it the more the outline of the uniform stands out.
May 17th, 2024  
Yes, very macabre!
May 18th, 2024  
Still not sure about it
May 18th, 2024  
It's all rather odd really, isn't it? One wonders how much of the design he knew about before it was finished......
May 19th, 2024  
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