Where is the "save as" button? by tdaug80

Where is the "save as" button?

My get-pushed partner challenged me to capture a street scene that highlights a person. Here, my subject is trying to navigate the screen on our new solar-powered smart parking meters. Personally, I like them. When the day or hour is outside of the times that the meters are in effect, they clearly display "Free Parking."
Jim, thanks for the challenge. I have a few more shots from my photo journey into town this morning. I'll post them over the next day or two. @jnr
July 30th, 2022  
@tdaug80 Very nice shot. I can relate to him trying to figure out the meter. Gone are the days one just put the coin in and turned the handle.
August 1st, 2022  
Hi partner...I've had a look through your albums and I see you use Photoshop (I've never learned). Your challenge is to create a Droste Effect photo. Here's a tutorial to get you started: https://expertphotography.com/droste-effect-photography/
If you would prefer a different challenge, I understand. Just let me know and I'll set another.
August 2nd, 2022  
@aecasey That should be fun. I gave that as a challenge to someone else a few weeks ago, but I've never tried it for myself.
August 2nd, 2022  
really good street image
August 5th, 2022  
Thank you for entering the Six Word Story challenge! Am short-listing it now!
August 13th, 2022  
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