On my walk today, I saw

posted March 5th, 2018
This is not an ongoing challenge, just a once off theme of "on my walk today, I saw".

Most of us probably go for a walk daily, why not take your camera with you next time and take a few shots of what you see on your walk and create a collage out of them. Share your collage to this thread, with a bit of information of where you are walking so that the rest of us can join you on your walk.

Tag it on-my-walk-today-i-saw

These photos were taken at my work site. It's a little spot called Murrin Murrin, which is located in a remote area of the gold fields of Western Australia. Approximately 850km from Perth.
On my walk today, I saw...
a sunrise
a cow
2 birds on a wire
a kangaroo jaw
a bloody big bird wing
a butterfly

posted March 5th, 2018
Great idea, and interesting too
posted March 5th, 2018
What a fun capture and such a different set of opportunities than I would have here! Great idea.
posted March 5th, 2018
I used to take pictures on my walks all the time. I need to start doing that again.
posted March 6th, 2018
This is a great idea, thanks for posting. We will have to keep it in mind the next time we go for a walk.
posted March 6th, 2018
Cool idea! I take pics with my camera phone on our daily walks (the Samsung Health app that I use to track my walk allows for 3 photos). I'll have to take my camera with me soon to get some proper pics :)
posted March 6th, 2018
posted March 6th, 2018
@deborah63 Fun! I made a tag: on-my-walk-today-i-saw

On my ride today I saw...

Myself (sigh)
Instructions to turn a key counter clockwise
An invitation to send a postcard
Triangular key slot
Bike lane
Glove (your walk/ride is not complete without one)
Decrowned tree as dinner for moss and mushrooms
WTF, who is he?
And finally a hospital staircase in the middle
posted March 6th, 2018
@mastermek @kali66 I see a glove theme developing here :)
posted March 6th, 2018
@deborah63 @kali66 By lack of feathers and bones...
posted March 6th, 2018

on my walk today i saw

one flamingo
fallen mistletoe
a gap in the fence
ursula and almora
number one oh five

this was fun to do ... less so the collage, which always brings me out in a rash. thanks deborah for the idea - i certainly noticed things i otherwise would not have! this walk was in the streets near my home, cheltenham, a spa town in southwest england
posted March 7th, 2018
This is awesome. I'm going to for sure give this a shot next walk I go on. It's getting nicer out so perfect timing. These are all great collages by the way!!
posted March 8th, 2018

On my walk today (in a parking lot), I saw
A deep hole
A sentry
A mistake
Something broken
Something lost
Something abandoned
Something askew
And a pointer

This was fun, thanks Debbie for a great idea
posted March 8th, 2018

On my walk today I saw a bunch of flowers blooming :)

(I'm going to try to go for a more wide range of shots next time but I couldn't help it with the flowers today lol)
posted March 8th, 2018
This collage is from my walk at Wade Mountain Greenway:

On My Walk Today I Saw:
-- The Greenway sign
-- Moss growing on rocks and trees
-- Fungi growing on logs
-- An interesting feather
-- People riding bicycles and tricycles
-- People enjoying a picnic in the pavilion
-- People walking and hiking
-- Saplings growing in the woods
-- Beautiful blue skies with puffy white clouds
-- Trees blooming (Bradford pears, Tulip magnolias, and Redbuds)
-- A lot of people walking dogs!
posted March 8th, 2018

On my walk (to work) today, in south Dublin, Ireland, I saw...

A tiny world on a wall...
An accidental abstract on a house...
Some trailing ivy contrasting nicely with its surroundings...
A stick man's bicycle...
Tenacious moss...
A mosaic on main street...
posted March 9th, 2018
posted March 9th, 2018
My walk today was on our "farm" at Stanthorpe Qld Australia) with Zoe (our dog.Today we went out our side gate (a mob of roos), past the container with the mural, along the front paddock (a couple of horses), and up towards the big rock (a native daisy bush in flower and some giant toadstools). It was extremely windy so we didn't venture into the forest or up onto the rocks.
posted March 9th, 2018
My walk was through the lovely port town of Fremantle in Western Australia.

posted March 10th, 2018
@merrelyn @robz @robz @adayinmallacoota @m2016 @dsp2 @shawnas365 @francoise @pistache
Thanks for joining in with the walk. It's been fun to watch where you have all been walking.
posted March 10th, 2018

Black Rock Sands
On my walk today I saw:
Pieces of rope stuck in the sand
Blue jellyfish with green glass
Patterns in the sand
A seagull in flight
My own footsteps
A fluff of dune grass
posted March 11th, 2018
Thank you Debbie, what a delightful challenge to do.

An inconsequential apple left for decay
A post with blue peeling from a more prosperous day
A bin full of greens from collection day missed,
A pretty primrose emerging tattered from the beast
A shattered pile of glass, the result of spirits high?,
A boot without its owner left high and dry,
A heart feint and fading,
A reviver for the same
A ball with no bearings, no longer fit for play.
posted March 11th, 2018
I live on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. My favorite place to walk is down by the river that runs through the town.

On my walk today, I saw...
a wasp nest
the river (and the mountains)
a gaggle of geese
the bridge crossing the river
a robin (signs of Spring!)
dead foliage (just waiting to spring to life!)
industrial machinery in use across the river
posted March 11th, 2018

chose close things - though I may do another with my "standards shots" (there is a walk around the village which I do regularly, where I stop at the same places each time and take a photo)

and I also like to find a lost glove ;-)
posted March 11th, 2018
cool, I want to go on a walk now!
posted March 11th, 2018
Went out for a photographic walk in the half hour of sun we had today!! It's now tipping it down with rain!!

Loved choosing my pics for my simple collage!!
posted March 11th, 2018
@deborah63 Thanks for starting this, Debbie/Deborah. I have really enjoyed all the collages of walks. I do hope it continues. Here is mine:

posted March 11th, 2018
It was a fun walk watching for shots
posted March 11th, 2018
A beautiful Spring day for a walk by the river
posted March 13th, 2018
On my walk today (at the hospital) I saw

John Hunter Hospital Entrance
Car Park
Professor Nicholas Talley
Café Window
posted March 14th, 2018
posted March 15th, 2018
@deborah63 A great challenge - thanks for suggesting it.

On my walk today I saw...
~ an abandoned child car seat
~ fence wire strainers
~ a fence post covered in lichen
~ the lake looking blue
~ acorns
~ dahlias
~ a weathervane
~ into the field full of grapevines
~ a gnarly old tree
Quite a lot of autumny shots in this collage.
posted March 15th, 2018

posted March 16th, 2018
posted March 17th, 2018

On my walk today I saw..
1. Pacificer girls
2. A haka
3. Alfred Rico
4. Waka
5. Youngest kapa haka performer ever
6. Purple turban
7. Basket weaving
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