Fat and Sassy by allie912

Fat and Sassy

This squirrel is incorrigible. He barely flicks his tail when I attempt to chase him away. Truth be told, I don’t mind if he stays on the ground and vacuums up the seeds that the birds drop, and so far he hasn’t tried to get to the feeder. So right now I’d say we have an uneasy truce.
He is so cute, I think I could sit and watch him all day
July 8th, 2020  
July 8th, 2020  
If he tries to climb a pole that you don't want him to climb, vaseline is a great deterrent. They hate the smell of it and if they do try to go up the pole, they find they can't stand the feel of it on their fur. Fun collage!
July 8th, 2020  
Great collage
July 8th, 2020  
Nice collection of shots. We have incorrigible squirrels, too.
July 15th, 2020  
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