a greater variety of chair by anniesue

a greater variety of chair

since my last visit to x-ray (which actually wasn't very long ago - so perhaps people were sitting on them!).

Stubbed my foot and it became increasingly painful. Have got a flake of bone off - but it will get better by itself.
Great shot of the "every day life".
January 13th, 2020  
Ouch! Hope it heals fast x
January 13th, 2020  
Double ouch, hope it soon feels more comfortable.🦶
January 13th, 2020  
@thewatersphotos show the variety of people expected to hobble in!
January 13th, 2020  
@narayani @chrisiow it is substantially better today, ta - which didn't feel likely yesterday!
January 13th, 2020  
Ouch. I did that to my ankles. Both of them. Twice each. Not pleasant.
I'm fascinated by the "repair" (?) on that third chair.
January 13th, 2020  
@meotzi we don't like pain do we :-)

The chair on the right is a high chair anyway, designed for people who can't or shouldn't sit on low ones - like people who've had a hip replacement - and then they've made it even higher by putting it in a 'raiser' - put 'bed raiser' into a search engine and you'll see the idea
January 14th, 2020  
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