Funeral  by denful


This afternoon Molly ( our granddaughter) raced into the front room ,breathless and said “you need to come and see Gus( our cat) has killed a cat and it’s dead on the lawn”. She certainly grabbed our attention. WHAT!!! “ I mean a mouse” (a large phew from the adults.)

“Don’t worry says Granny just ignore it and leave it alone.

Soon Noah arrives to tell us that they had decided that it needed a funeral. So it had been buried Leila in charge demanded a minutes silence. Noah wrote the headstone ( Molly said it would have been more dramatic if they had written murdered.)
Emily and Daisy did the flower display.

The biggest thing about this story is that we all actually believed that Gus our hunter, cat had actually killed another cat….
Oh dear
May 7th, 2023  
So sweet that they gave the mouse a good send off. Has Gus been forgiven?
May 7th, 2023  
@wakelys at least he didn’t get to eat it this time!
May 7th, 2023  
oh oh
May 7th, 2023  
At least he got a decent burial.
May 8th, 2023  
May 8th, 2023  
What a wonderful story, and a lovely photo to remind you of it.

May 8th, 2023  
Well don’t children love a good funeral? Love this story & they would have had a great time finding a little coffin & doing all the funeral stuff!
May 8th, 2023  
This so lovely!
May 8th, 2023  
That is so nice of them!
May 9th, 2023  
Aww children do give animals lovely funerals!!
May 12th, 2023  
Lovely story
May 13th, 2023  
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