Photo Magazines

June 12th, 2023
I am interested to learn what photography or photographic heavy magazines folk may subscribe to or buy frequently, the only one I subscribe to at the moment is Black & White but thinking about expanding a bit In the running at the moment is National Geographic for the quality of the images or as an outsider Time. Cheers.
June 12th, 2023
I dip in and out of electronically published ones provided on PressReader by the library website! All free and deletable when read, so no piles of them!!
June 12th, 2023
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Same! It's really useful.

@allsop I quite like Amateur Photographer although I also enjoy the images in National Geographic
June 12th, 2023
Hmm…. I remember magazines. But haven’t subscribed to (or regularly read) any in at least 20 years. Sorry I can’t help.
June 13th, 2023
I watch for Art museums (MOMA) and Nat Geo to have sales, and you can get some gorgeous photo books for pennies on the dollar. Buy enough, and they pay the shipping as well! I also don't feel as guilty about saving books! A favorite from Nat Geo is -Aerial View of Africa-
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