Calling all New Zealanders

January 5th, 2023
Have had a request from Sue to redo the list of New Zealanders on this site, here are the ones i recall, There are probably more, make yourself known and say hi below if I have not added you! Perhaps we could all share where in New Zealand we are...

@kali66 Kali
@suez1e Sue
@creative_shots Steve
@dide Dianne
@yaorenliu Yao
@dkbarnett Delwyn
@maggiemae Maggiemae
@dwindleriver Zenobia
@christinav Christina
@carolinesdreams Caroline
@sandradavies Sandra
@nickspicsnz Nichola
@chikadnz Janice
@nzkites John
@kipper1951 Chris
@helenw2 Helen
@julzmaioro Julia
@kiwinanna Liana
@graemestevens Graeme
@brigette Brigette
@dawn Dawn
@rustymonkey Karen
@yorkshirekiwi Carole
@antlamb Antonia

and some expat Kiwis
@kiwichick Lesley

January 5th, 2023
I am West Coast South Island
January 5th, 2023
Hi Sue.. I'm North Waikato.. follow
January 5th, 2023
Great idea. I’m southwest Auckland.
January 5th, 2023
My base is Tauranga, what a good idea.
January 5th, 2023
Thanks everyone. I live at Foxton Beach near Palmerston North. I'd love to meet up with any of you if you are anywhere nearby. Happy snapping and all the best for 2023
January 5th, 2023
We are based in Tauranga too, but fortunate enough to be mobile. We expect to be travelling south again in a couple of months; we have family in Hawkes Bay and Canterbury.
January 5th, 2023
Hi I’m in the Far North Okaihau , this is a fabulous idea .
January 5th, 2023
That applies to @nzkites too (Tauranga based).
January 5th, 2023
I am Whangarei/ Ruakaka based
January 5th, 2023
I'm North Waikato too, and live very close to @nickspicsnz
January 5th, 2023
Hi everyone. As @yorkshirekiwi says, I live in the same small town as her and if a big tree wasn't in the way we'd be able to see each other's houses! We belong to the same camera club as @julzmaioro and @dide after meeting them through 365. If you're ever in the north Waikato/south Auckland area give us a shout. :)
January 5th, 2023
Hi I am from Wellington, have met a few 365ers, love to meet up when you are nearby.
January 5th, 2023
This makes me want to visit New Zealand again and meet more of you!
January 6th, 2023
What a great list. I agree with Junko.
January 14th, 2023
Hello everyone - gosh there aren't really very many of us are there? I'm in Auckland
January 17th, 2023
I’m in Taranaki, back after something of a hiatus!
January 24th, 2023
I live near Wellington. I really enjoyed meeting up with Kali & Yao through 365. It also led me to the lovely Lesley @kiwichick.
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