anyone willing to do me a favour?

August 30th, 2023
as some of you may know, i also post at 52Frames... the theme there this week is "edited by someone else"... i do not love this theme... 🙃 it's supposed to be about letting go of the creative process or something, but i really struggle with the concept... to me it makes no sense... i'm fine if you edit my image... i love seeing others' creativity at play... but then it's not my image anymore - it's yours...

and sure - you may see something differently from me, or you may see something in an image i took that i missed - and that's great! but it isn't what i saw or my vision so again - not my image... anyhoo... the last two years i ditched for this theme... this year i thought i would give it a go...

but i still need to find someone willing to edit my shot...

any takers out there? note that you'll get full credit when i post...

i have to have the thing done by Sunday, so not huge amounts of time...

info about the challenge is here:

if you're interested in helping, please let me know and i will send you an unedited to play with...

tx! 🥴
August 30th, 2023
why don't you post the pic on here and let the members, who are brave enough to edit perfection that is your photograph, have a go at it. then by sunday you can choose whichever you want. kinda like a mini "wwyd".

i was thinking of having you edit mine but i don't have any compelling shot that i'd be proud to present to you. i think i'd ditch the prompt this year. 🥴
August 30th, 2023
@summerfield @northy
This may be too bloody obvious ... but why don't you two edit each other's photos since you are both doing the 52 frames thing-ma-jig.
You are both amazing photographers with stupendous editing abilities (and you kinda know each other - lol).
And, Vikki - you know that northy will do an awesome job on whatever you give her so don't worry about what to give her.
August 30th, 2023
@farmreporter, @summerfield @northy Very smart suggestion.
August 30th, 2023
I'd be honoured to do you a favour, but as you say it wouldn't be anything like your art. I can give you my email if you'd prefer

@summerfield you can't ditch the prompt again, you could do the mini wwyd!!

You could both do as Wendy suggested

August 30th, 2023
@30pics4jackiesdiamond - well…. That’s the point… you’re not meant to edit like I do…. You’re meant to edit like you do!😊

Anyhoo…. I can post the image here and let folks have at it…. In theory I’m only supposed to ask one person (I think so I don’t get to pick and choose the end result, if you know what I mean)…. But I’m kind of hesitant to do that because as I said, I really struggle with this prompt…

@summerfield not perfection…. Not ever…. And particularly given that it will be unedited…. The whole thing really gives me the heebiejeebies for some reason…

@farmreporter @joysabin
August 30th, 2023

here is the image... completely unedited...

@summerfield @farmreporter @30pics4jackiesdiamond @joysabin
August 30th, 2023
@summerfield Vikki... if you want me to edit one of your photos, i will... not comfortably, because i would worry very much about not doing justice to your vision, but i'd be willing to give it a go...
August 30th, 2023
@northy Since IDALIA’s brutally damaging the town,I’m home doing nothing but listening to death to
So I’ll join you in the game if you don’t mind..😎
August 30th, 2023
@joemuli please do! I’m very much looking forward to your interpretation…. Let me know if you want the raw file - I can send it tonight…

Sorry about Idalia…. I’m hearing that it’s really a doozy!
August 30th, 2023
@northy I already screenshot it..
August 30th, 2023
Not very innovative, original or creative. (Nice nails btw!)

August 30th, 2023
@summerfield @farmreporter @30pics4jackiesdiamond @joemuli
Fascinating discussion! Perfect possible solution Wendy. Good on you for picking up the gauntlet Jackie. Can't imagine you being so inhibited Vikki. I always thought you lived in Cali Joe. Be safe as you can right now. Still trying to figure out why you struggle with this northy! ♥
August 30th, 2023
This was a hoot and a half. Thank you for posting this discussion and opportunity to go completely bonkers.
August 31st, 2023
August 31st, 2023
@grammyn used to lived in NYC,then moved to LA for 31/2 yrs before finally settling down here in Fl..⛱️
Planning to move back in NY again,tho’ love oceans and beaches,can’t take Hurricane anymore 😢!!
August 31st, 2023
@joemuli can't blame you for that!
August 31st, 2023
You said "anyone", so I took a crack. Hope you don't mind!

August 31st, 2023
@grammyn hi Katy... i struggle with it because it seems so contrived... if the prompt was to edit someone else's shot and post it i could probably do that more comfortably, although even that bothers me... but fundamentally it just seems wrong to me to post someone else's work... and in my mind, once someone else has edited it, it isn't mine anymore... so i can look at @joemuli 's take on my image, or @joysabin 's and think that they are freaking cool - but they aren't mine and i don't feel i've really gained knowledge or experience from a photographic perspective... i can look at these and honestly say it never occurred to me to try "that"... but it doesn't make me want to run out and try "that" now... so - i just don't get the point of this exercise... maybe i'm overthinking it, but honestly, i really and truly don't understand it...
August 31st, 2023
@30pics4jackiesdiamond that's super cool Jackie! i keep wondering how you edited just the background so neatly...

@joysabin - ok - that's pretty wild!

@joemuli - love the starburst effect, and your choice of yellow... very very cool!

@lsquared - yep - anyone... and i don't mind... the more the merrier 🙃

thanks everyone... i do appreciate you all being some game to try this!
August 31st, 2023
@joemuli love you included the mask, your edit is so you, yet also so Northy
August 31st, 2023
I get that. It is a valid perspective. You are so talented and creative. It just surprised me that you wouldn’t embrace any challenge.
August 31st, 2023
Couldn't resist playing around with your shot. So how to keep it yours and make it also mine? Good question!! Here is my answer:

I approached it as a collaboration- taking the essence of your vision and adding a dose of mine. I hope it does you justice!
August 31st, 2023
@olivetreeann ooooooh! I like what you did here! Tx!
August 31st, 2023
@northy Had fun going through your project to find layers. I was actually looking one of those dark hallways with a door cracked open shots but found everything else! That shot of the person walking across the pavement is still one of my favorites.
August 31st, 2023
Hope you don't mind but I did another one. This time I thought more about you. You don't like colour, you protect your anonimity and use gaussian blur a lot. So i kept the original as was but blurred it and added you in BnW as if boxed in by this task!

August 31st, 2023
@northy had fun with this…..
August 31st, 2023
@northy couldn’t help myself….
September 1st, 2023
September 2nd, 2023
@northy I’m not as creative, but I had fun with this!
Happy Labour Day weekend
September 4th, 2023
@radiogirl @pandorasecho @jacqbb @30pics4jackiesdiamond @olivetreeann @grammyn @lsquared @joemuli @joysabin @summerfield @farmreporter
thank you everyone who participated... you folks are awesome! in the end i went with @olivetreeann's take on the base image (I could only post one), but i really liked the other ones as well...

so again - thank you for playing along and keeping me from losing my head over this one 🙃
September 5th, 2023
@northy Again, I'm truly honored to be posted on 52frames!
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