*NEW* MFPIAC92 Tell us a Story!

February 3rd, 2020
Thanks to Mary @mcsiegle for hosting the last edition of the MFPIAC ( My favorite photos in a collage) challenge , and to everyone who participated and voted.

After going through the long list of previous topics, I am going to default to something I used to do in my classroom.

Tell us a story! Any story. Maybe it’s the story of a special party, a home renovation, a trip or an outing. Maybe it’s a news story that has happened or is happening in your community. Maybe it’s the story of the growth of your child . Maybe it’s the story of a beloved pet. Or post the story of preparing a favorite dish....You get the idea..It’s YOUR story!

Your collage must consist of SIX photos taken by you.
Images do not need to be taken within the time frame of this challenge.

You can use pictures you’ve posted here before, ones from your archives that have never been posted, new photos taken for this challenge, or a combination of those.

If you’ve never done this challenge, give it a try now. Jump right in with both feet and six photos. Let’s have some fun with this. New members are especially encouraged to join in and post a collage!

Don’t have a photo editing app to make a collage?

PhotoCollage, PicCollage, PiZap, or PicsArt might help. Picmonkey, Ipiccy and Befunky also have collage-making options.

Please tag your entry MFPIAC92


• Challenge begins today, Feb 3
• Challenge closes at the end of
Friday, February 28
midnight wherever you are in the world.

• Voting will follow and the winner gets to choose the next theme and host MFPIAC93

To keep this thread active, post your entries here as well.
It’s story time...let the collage-making begin!


Previous MFPIAC Themes:
Nature (MFPIAC1)
Colour (MFPIAC2)
Memory (MFPIAC3)
Signs (MFPIAC4)
Food( MFPIAC5)
Animals (MFPIAC6)
Buildings (MFPIAC7)
Subject (MFPIAC8)
Webs (MFPIAC9)
Water (MFPIAC10)
Transportation (MFPIAC11)
Four Seasons (MFPIAC12)
Circles (MFPIAC13)
Action (MFPIAC14)
Air (MFPIAC15)
Night (MFPIAC16)
Close Up and Macros (MFPIAC17)
Holidays (MFPIAC18)
Place Where I Live (MFPIAC19)
Christmas (MFPIAC20)
Wings (MFPIAC22)
Toys (MFPUAC23)
Therapy (MFPIAC24)
Aged (MFPIAC25)
Growth (MFPIAC26)
Green (MFPIAC27)
Insects (MFPIAC28)
Silhouettes (MFPIAC29)
Skies (MFPIAC30)
Reflections (MFPIAC31)
Rust (MFPIAC32)
Time (MFPIAC33)
Sports (MFPIAC34)
Halloween (MFPIAC35)
Cold (MFPIAC36)
Pets (MFPIAC38)
Birds (MFPIAC39)
Valentines (MFPIAC40)
Windows (MFPICA41)
Shadows (MFPIAC42)
Trees (MFPIAC43)
Doors (MFPIAC44)
Kitchen (MFPIAC45)
Garden/Yard (MFPIAC46)
Highways & Byways (MFPIAC47)
My Country (MFPIAC48)
Street Art (MFPIAC49)
Musical ( MFPIAC50)
Bicycle (MFPIAC51)
Tools (MFPIAC52)
Thankfulness (MFPIAC53)
Containers (MFPIAC54)
Christmas Decorations (MFPIAC55)
Travel (MFPIAC56)
Soft (MFPIAC57)
Urban (MFPIAC58)
People (MFPIAC59)
Leaves (MFPIAC60)
Glass (MFPIAC61)
Collections (MFPIAC62)
Leisure Time (MFPIAC63)
Textures and Patterns (MFPIAC64)
Communications (MFPIAC65)
My Happy Place (MFPIAC66)
Traditions (MFPIAC67)
Sunrises & Sunsets (MFPIAC68)
Blue (MFPIAC69)
Body Parts (MFPIAC70)
Childhood (MFPIAC71)
Vacations (MFPIAC72)
Yellow (MFPIAC73)
T’s (MFPIAC74)
Cats (MFPIAC75)
Bricks (MFPIAC76)
Door Accoutrements (MFPIAC77)
Wood (MFPIAC78)
Hair (MFPIAC79)
The Color Red (MFPIAC80)
Mosaic Tile (MFPIAC81)
Hearts (MFPIAC82)
Squares (MFPIAC83)
Flight (MFPIAC84)
Flora (MFPIAC85)
Barns (MFPIAC86)
Murals (MFPIAC87)
Homes (MFPIAC88)
Movement (MFPIAC89)
Light (MFPIAC90)
Prehistoric (MFPIAC91)
Tell us a Story (MFPIAC92)
February 4th, 2020
@mzzhope That sounds wonderful Hope, it should close in February hopefully ;-)
February 4th, 2020
Oh nice choice - I've not done this for ages as the themes just didn't grab me - this will get me thinking however!
February 4th, 2020
Lol. Thank you my friend. ;)
February 4th, 2020
February 5th, 2020
What does MFPIAC stand for?
February 5th, 2020
Oh, fun one!
February 5th, 2020
Sounds fun! :)
February 5th, 2020
@mallocarray my favourite photos in a collage

use 6 photos from your albums, don't need to be taken within challenge timeframe. Always 6 photos in collage, usually of a theme, nice change here to tell a story!!
February 14th, 2020
Just bumping this up. Would love more entries :) Remember photos can come from your archives!
February 17th, 2020
I uploaded this in my darkroom pics
February 17th, 2020
@koalagardens beautiful!
February 27th, 2020
I will give it a try. Some of these are from week 1 of the "FOR2020" challenge.
February 27th, 2020
@raineydaymi beautifully put together.
February 28th, 2020
@mzzhope Thank you, Hope.
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