17th January 2019 by emmadurnford

17th January 2019

Thank goodness, Twickenham Waterstones today to switch the spinner with Richmonds spinner cleaned yesterday. Yet again the cards were pretty filthy but we are speeding up now and it took a few minutes less than the usual two hours.

Later in the day it was over to Kew for my photo club. Normally the journey is fairly uneventful but this evening started with a cyclist crashing into an invisible object on the pavement in Twickenham and a van full of Transport Police leaping out to assist… onto the A316 which ws being gritted before being stuck in traffic for no obvious reason until I came to the St Margaret’s roundabout and was stuck behind a man driving his mobility scooter at around 8 miles an hour in the inside lane of the dual carriageway. It was quite a relief to get to St Luke’s and this week the talk was 100% better than last weeks. An uneventful trip on the way home.
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