20th July 2019 by emmadurnford

20th July 2019

It was up bright and early for Park Run this morning which I managed to squeeze in before we headed out for the wedding or rather the Blessing shoot in Wimbledon. A better time than recently coming in under 30 minutes. The torrential rain started at this point and I was pretty worried about how the day would go.

A rapid change and no relaxing with our coffee like normal and it was off to Wimbledon. We wanted to be early to scope the venue again and work out if there was a suitable location within the church for group photos if the rain started again. We also wanted to ensure we managed to get a parking space which we did. There were less guests than I expected and I ended up ushering quite a few into the church. The vicar was really helpful as he had been last time and wanted to make sure I got a photo of him with the couple as well!

Helen and Gareth arrived early and I got the first shots of the day as we waited for the later guests to be seated. The church shoot went well and the location that the vicar has pointed out to me to use during the service was a perfect position. It was a challenge working with two cameras and I prefer my 5D mk3 as its performance in low light is better so I did swap lenses once or twice.

Afterwards we headed outside although the Groom disappeared at this point to chat to friends and I ended up helping Helen arrange her dress. I had to shout to gather the groups together - no best man or usher to assist and thank goodness the sun was out - in fact a little too brightly but it was ok. As soon as we had the group shots ‘in the bag’ we jumped in the car and headed to the next venue over the other side of the village to ensure we got one of the on road parking bays which we did with no problem. It turned out that a large field had been opened for car so Colin rushed back to get it and I started on the second phase of the day to capture the reception and guests.

I did get to sit down and enjoy the tasty Italian style buffet along with desserts and cup cakes, although it is lucky I do not suffer from indigestion as I was up and down.

I was pretty tired by the end of the day but I’m hopeful I’ve captured the day. I did fall asleep for an hour in the evening when we got home but luckily I did not have to cook after the large buffet!
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