31st March 2020 by emmadurnford

31st March 2020

Day 8 of lock down - start of second week.

Today we have mostly been drilling large holes in the walls of the house and leaning a long way out of the upstairs windows! We continued and have now finished the challenge of fitting Cat 7 cable from the upstairs router down into our Skybox and TV. In normal times this would be straightforward and we’d get someone in with the appropriate drilling equipment. As these are not normal times Colin has been chiselling and drilling double holes and then drilling again to join them up! We have been ingenious with Colin’s Mum’s old knitting needles by gaffer taping the cable to it and poking it through the wall.

We took the opportunity of cleaning the window sill and windows with my work table pulled out from the bay upstairs and we rowed as I refused to hang out any more to clean a windowsill at the side of the house that no one can possibly see! I made up by baking quite frankly a delicious batch of Cornish Fairings using my childhood recipe from nearly 40 years ago!

We have not been out of the house apart from the garden for nearly 3 days so I’m the early evening now that the clocks have gone forward, we walked to look at the river from the Manor Road recreation park. The sunset colours were reflected in the clouds. It was quite nippy so we headed back through the churchyard, stopping briefly at Sainsbury’s. We only needed milk but I was also able to get some salad and cheese which we’re out of. It was past tonight with a LLoyd Grosman lock down sauce that I bought in the Morrison’s in Penrith with a Greek salad and bread. We tested another of my biscuits with a cup of tea later in the evening.

A total of 1,789 dead in the UK (up 381).
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