1st April 2020 by emmadurnford

1st April 2020

Day 9 of lock down

Revelling in the success of our cabling exercise over the past two days! I called Mum and had a catch up over coffee, we didn’t have a huge amount of news but it was good to chat and learn that our neighbours both in Cornwall and Teddington are equally as stupid at ‘social distancing’.

Colin (with a little assistance from me in handing tools and holding a torch) has fixed our bathroom light. It has actually been failing for well over a year and sometimes it doesn’t come in at all or we have try 3-4 times to get it to work. It was much more straight forward than the last job and hurrah - it works.

Later I baked batch number two of my Cornish Fairings as the first batch disappeared rather quickly. Not very exciting dinner tonight (fish and baked potatoes) but I did stew some apples with cinnamon to eat whilst we watched Masterchef.

Last thing at night we ‘FaceTimed’ Jane - Colin’s cousins wife in Australia. There was a very slight time lag but it was great to chat with her and she is keeping well and isolation measures where she is living South of Sydney seem more relaxed than here. There's currently a ten hour time difference although their clocks go back in a week so there will then be a eleven hour difference. We are going to FaceTime her again in a couple of weeks.

A total of 2,352 dead in the UK (up 563).
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