25th December 2020 by emmadurnford

25th December 2020

Day 282 since the start of the 1st lock down.

Christmas Day

We opened presents to each other that Sydney hamster had bought us - he is very resourceful and got me salted caramel truffles from Waitrose and he got posh soft nougat for Colin! We had breakfast (posh porridge with double cream and brown sugar) and then under sufferance we showered first before hitting the present pile. Lots of lovely gifts to each other. I have some superb posh shower gels which I aim to keep me going the entire year - I failed this year as I had to buy cheap stuff from November onwards! A lovely Blue John necklace specially matched to my earrings from the Break mine we visited in Derbyshire in September, books, sweets and posh pants (and massive running pants - Bridget Jones would be proud of me).

I had arranged a family Zoom at 12.00 and it worked and we all caught up for an hour or so before we had to make a move to start prepping vegetables etc. It was not the same as we had planned but still really good to see Mum and Ian, Hester and Brian and Sophie, David and Isabelle respectively in Tiers 1, 2 3, and with us in Tier 4!!

We managed a quick walk down to Teddington Lock in our hats and took a special 2020 photo with face masks! It was a lovely day - cold and bright which is how it should be. Back to continue prepping for dinner and I looked after the veggies, stuffing, roasties and pigs in blankets. We took a break to Zoom Colin’s family and opened our presents together online although it was a bit chaotic their end as people kept disappearing, I think our presents went down well.

Dinner at 6.30pm and it was very good. We used the large plates and tried not to overload them. It was a very good Christmas dinner although I say it myself and although the turkey took over an hour less than expected to cook (luckily rescued by Colin before it became overdone) everything was piping hot and finished together. We even managed some Christmas pudding (vintage from last year but in date!) with some defrosted brandy butter I remembered seeing in the freezer earlier in the year. Despite the total change to what I had hoped for Christmas day, we still had a nice day and a lovely meal… just rather quiet.
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