8th May 2020 by emmadurnford

8th May 2020

Day 46 of lock down.

Today is VE day. This is designated a Bank Holiday although during these times that is somewhat academic. I had to change all the dates in my calendars following the announcement of change in date last June whilst we were away in Croatia but now it really doesn’t seem to matter.

I continued working on Karen’s book this morning and actually it is a really useful exercise as I am discovering much more flexibility in the software than I had realised the first time I attempted to use it. Colin came up with an idea on how to fix the roof of the garage… very similar to what I had suggested a number of months ago but never mind. We worked together to pump a sort of silicon from below and upwards and worked it into the holes around the screws. I think this should work and it a much safer solution than balancing on ladders outside and probably a lot cheaper than calling in a roofer to try and fix it! Well done us.

Afterwards Colin made his second batch of Fat Rascals (renamed Fat B*****ds in our household) that Betty’s teashop in Harrogate make. They are just as delicious as the first batch, especially with butter. Colin managed to find some bunting as the rest of the Crescent have decorated the front of the houses with Union Jacks and bunting to celebrate VE Day. I managed an ingenious way of hanging it out and it looks very jolly - see above.

We saved our daily exercise until later in the day so that we could, for the very first time, order a take-away (or take out). We had selected Piazza Firenze - a very good Italian in the High Street and took our choices and their phone number with them. When we did call there was only a 10-minute wait so we started walking back there to pick it up straight away. I had ordered two Melanzane starters (aubergine) and a roasted vegetable and goats cheese pizza for me and spicy salami pizza for Colin. I was so excited - how sad. The first time (besides Colin cooking once) that I have not had to cook myself in over two months. Very little washing up and all washed down with a beer - superb!

31,241 PHE total dead in the UK (up 616)
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