9th May 2020 by emmadurnford

9th May 2020

Day 47 of lock down.

The surprise this morning was a call from Colin’s friend Richard all the way from Eastern Australia. Colin accidentally pocket dialled Richard but quickly rang off but Richard called back and we even got to meet his lovely Border Collie - Bonnie. Richard is well and managing to live through the restrictions in Australia although they seem more relaxed than ours.

I walked to Sainsbury’s to stock up on some supplies and pick up a copy of the now very slim Guardian before lunch. There was a sort of socially distanced street party to celebrate VE Day in our Crescent but I was concerned that people would not be able to keep their distance so, as we had shown solidarity in decorating our house, we went for a walk out the back of the house instead to avoid the frivolities. We visited Bushy Park again to check out the nesting swan on the Heron Pond but she is still sitting so no sign of cygnets yet.

We ate the remains of the lock down chicken this evening as I needed a quick meal as yet again it is quiz night followed by oranges! Rather a disaster this evening which ended in a big row (luckily we had the sound on mute!)… I am getting a little frustrated at having some general knowledge but if it does not match what someone else has read on one website then it is not accepted. Apparently I should just keep my mouth shut and put up with it being grateful to be taking part - Hmmm - lock down seems to be feeling particularly long at the moment!

31,587 PHE total dead in the UK (up 346)
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