10th May 2020 by emmadurnford

10th May 2020

Day 48 of lock down.

I fiddled around a bit with Karen’s book this morning before compiling it into a PDF and emailing it. We watched Simon Calder’s daily live broadcast on Facebook and he is shocked by the announcement to be made later today by BoJo regarding plane travel.

In the afternoon I made fish pie again, this time I had some celery and prawns and I have to say it turned out pretty well and I even piped the mashed potato!

We went for our walk a little later to Bushy Park so we could be back for BoJo’s big announcement to the country at 7.00pm this evening. It was really cold and blowy which was good as there were about 80% less people out than yesterday. We walked through the Pheasantry and Woodland Gardens which are looking stunning at the moment. We always take bird seed and so began our Disney experience.

First I was hand-feeding the Egyptian Geese and their now fairly large goslings (all 6 of them) who are above, then a rather fat squirrel literally ran up my leg and ate from my hand. We walked on and I could have picked up a baby rabbit - one of many. Socially distancing our way through the gates to the Woodland Gardens and there were more Egyptian goslings - three tiny ones. A pair of Canada geese came rushing up with their three goslings to eat from my hand and I was even able to stroke the goslings - what a lovely if cold afternoon.

On our return and after tea and crumpets it was the big announcement. Pre-recorded of course and with the most ridiculous catch phrase which has changed from the one of the last 7-weeks of ’Stay Home, Save Lives, Protect the NHS’ to ’Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save lives’. This and the new guidance has to be the most preposterous thing ever. People who cannot work from home should return to work tomorrow but not on public transport. Unlimited exercise from Wednesday but still socially distanced. You can drive to exercise. Only exercise with your family members. From the beginning of June, anyone travelling in by plane has to self isolate for 14 days… but not if you travel by train or ferry? What? I really am despairing. Germany have relaxed their lock down and their death rate is now going right back up again.

A distraction of the last of the three part series of Van der Valk shot in the lovely city of Amsterdam - I cannot believe we were there last November with no idea of what we were headed into. A depressing end to the day.

31,855 PHE total dead in the UK (up 269)
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